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Pilot project of plastic (HDPE) collect and recycling in Lyon

Sorting your waste at home means more recycling, less waste, and less pollution! In addition to the sorting bin, Vanish and Yoyo are experimenting a new way to collect HDPE plastics in order to create new recycling outcomes for this type of plastic resin.

The objective: to increase the recycling rate, to change the perception from waste to resource, and to integrate this recycled material into Vanish product packaging. As such, we will have created a positive circular economy.

I sort my HDPE plastic packaging in the Yoyo pink bag

I drop my full bag at my Coach in Lyon

Veolia transforms the plastic collected into HDPE plastic pellets

R&D made by Vanish to integrate the recycled granules into new packaging

Results posted in open source

Opaque HDPE (household products, milk bottles, etc.)

I change my earned points for rewards!

Packaging becomes recycled HDPE plastic pellets

R&D to produce new Vanish's packaging with this recycled plastic

Publication of the results in open source by Vanish

What happens next after I have sorted my packaging?

Today, poor quality and poor quantities of HDPE collected post-consumption make it impossible to integrate recycled-plastics into HDPE plastic packaging.

The only thing we can do is to create child car seats, watering cans, etc. from it. Our project aims to collect quality and volumes of HDPE packaging, transform it into recycled granules, test it and attempt to integrate it into Vanish product packaging.

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As an expert in linen care, Vanish offers effective products for stain removal, colour protection and bleaching, for perfectly clean clothes that last longer.


The brand, which belongs to the Reckitt Benckiser group, is also seeking to reduce its environmental footprint by giving a second life to its packaging through the experimental collection carried out with Yoyo.

Our solution to stop pollution: You!

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