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Businesses use a significant portion of the planet’s resouces. In order to ensure that the world we live in continues to be livable for everyone, not just a select few, it is essential that eco sustainability be at the center of their sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution.

Consumer trends indicate that individuals care about environmental effects when making purchases. This preference for eco businesses that share our concern for preserving the environment comes at a time when making the decision is becoming more and more pressing.

In addition to some businesses adapting to customers eco preferences, it’s amazing to see how many are paving the way in terms of environmental stewardship and setting themselves apart by becoming a certified B Corporation.

Let’s talk about what it really means for a business to be environmentally and eco friendly.

What Qualifies as a Sustainable Company?

A business’s activities must be able to “be sustained at a specific rate or level” in order to be eco sustainable.

An eco business must conduct themselves with the sincere goal of improving the conditions of the planet, communities, individuals, and stakeholders it comes into contact with as a result of their existence. Profit and the bottom line have traditionally been the most important things to businesses. Businesses that practice sustainability view their effects on the community and the environment as crucial indicators of their success. They use a triple bottom line, which takes into account profit, the environment, and people.

Know what to check for when an eco company says that its operations are sustainable:

  • Eco material sourcing that is open and moral
    environmental-friendly manufacturing techniques
  • Reduced-waste packaging (recyclable, as little material as possible)
  • Eco friendly options for shipping that reduce carbon emissions
    shifting landfill garbage at the end of the life of their items
  • Verifiable evidence of “eco-friendly” claims, such as accreditations, inspections, or other measures of responsibility (like Certified B Corporations)

These eco businesses reflect positive social and environmental effect at their core, so it’s much more than just “eco-friendly” things that they produce. It is not acceptable to have a negative impact on the environment. It’s more important to consider how much they contribute positively.

Find out the specifics of a sustainable eco business and why it matters.

Why are Environmentally Conscious Organizations Important?

The fact that we only have one planet, which we all share, comes first and foremost. We are all impacted by the effects that businesses have on the environment.

Customers are looking more and more to interact with environmentally friendly businesses and products. According to a Nielsen research from 2019, 30% of consumers are “ready to pay a premium for items that deliver on social responsibility claims,” and 81% of consumers indicated it is “very” or “very” important that businesses “implement programs to enhance the environment.”

According to another poll, 90% of Millennials and Generation Z members “think companies must intervene to solve social and environmental challenges.”

These customers are the driving force behind socially conscious shopping, and as time goes on, their purchasing power will only rise.

For these businesses, implementing eco-friendly practices is a wonderful way to cut costs.

Utility expenditures can be decreased by cutting energy use and improving energy efficiency.
Materials can be conserved by recycling or reusing existing products to create new ones.
Nearly 40% of workers desire to be employed by green businesses. Reduced turnover results from improved staff retention.
Being an environmentally friendly company has numerous advantages both now and in the future.

How Can We Determine if a Business is Green?

You’ll find a huge list of purportedly “green” businesses if you Google “eco-friendly corporations.” But what distinguishes “going green” businesses from those that genuinely care about the environment?

An important component of how we at Grow Ensemble view ethical, sustainable enterprises is being radically open and transparent.

For instance, every business on our list has information about their ecologically friendly practices readily available on each of their websites.

You can learn more about their websites than just that they are green businesses. It offers enlightening details on every facet of their initiatives and frequently introduces environmental innovation we never even knew was feasible!

These businesses don’t only want to be more environmentally friendly by 2050. They have clearly defined short- and long-term objectives that direct them toward sustainable innovation and positive impact.

ECO Certifications

Examining their eco credentials is another approach to identify companies that genuinely care about the environment. Understanding the meaning of certifications is always vital so that you are aware of how accurately they reflect your ideals.

As an illustration, an Eco B Corporation certification is regarded as the gold standard for company practices that are beneficial for the globe, as we have often highlighted.

A company has obtained a commendable minimum score on the B Impact Assessment, which is broken down into five impact areas: eco governance, workers, community, environment, and customers, if you “see the B” on their website or product.

The environmental component of the evaluation is quite rigorous and in-depth, and B Corp Certified businesses frequently offer an impact report that describes their sustainability strategy and efforts.

Other significant certifications and associations that we are really pleased to see include:

Grow Ensemble is one of the many members of 1% for the Planet, who all agree to donate 1% of their annual earnings to nonprofits that support the environment. Some go one step further and combine the partners’ personnel and financial resources to have a significant and all-encompassing environmental impact.

A company’s carbon footprint can be neutralized by measuring, reducing, and offsetting its carbon emissions. Some businesses have used very innovative strategies to make their entire operation carbon-free, or even carbon-negative.

These certifications need more than a simple CSR statement or self-identification as a “green business” (this will be especially clear after you see what the companies on our list are up to).

How Can Business’ Help Our Planet?

Measuring every part of what it takes for a business to run properly and what it costs outside of finances alone sheds light on their entire eco impact, including their carbon footprint, where and how they source their supplies, and how and whether they give back.

The supply chain is the series of operations that enables a business to deliver its goods or services to the final customer. It is ideal to understand—and demonstrate—how each component is obtained, altered, applied, and integrated into the final result.

It’s equally crucial to comprehend what an (eco) business does (and with whom it partners) in order to get its goods onto store shelves.

Genuinely eco-friendly, sustainable businesses pick to collaborate with eco business that share their values on everything from software development and hiring strategies to selecting advertising platforms that have a beneficial social and environmental impact.

Part of Being an Environmental Conscious Agency is to Give Employees a Living Wage

The people who work for a business are just as vital as the resources they utilize to make their goods. If employees can’t afford to care about the environment or live sustainably, how can we expect them to?  We looked for companies founded on being an eco friendly brand with a headquarters ten toes down on this beautiful planet.  Sustainable companies and products are our jam.

We Innovate & Advocate to Help Build a Future Free from Carbon Emissions, In Short, We want to Be Environmentally Friendly for Generations to Come

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